Serendipity’s Secret by Samantha Babington

This is a book I wouldn’t have picked off the shelf as it looks to be about cats and probably has a feminine look to the cover. With saying this, as soon as I started reading it, I could not put it down for the following reasons:-

This is a story about a cat (coachee) who likes its basket too much and a parrot (the coach) and how the cat achieves its creamery (goal)

As a person am I in my safety zone as far as not doing presentations or training is concerned? I am certainly not sitting in my comfy basket or home and perhaps I should be doing more relaxing by reading such good books as Samantha’s? I only do my reading on holidays normally.

As a person are you sitting comfortably in your safety zone?

As a coach I don’t like to call myself a ‘Life Coach’ as I suppose it aligns me to being “soft and cuddly” and with my coaching and NLP training there is no reason why I could not follow Samantha’s model and support people in looking for happiness or having a better life. If, or rather when I do this, I will still not want to be in the niche of relationship coaching!

In your job are you getting sufficient job satisfaction and using your unique skills?

As a supervisor of coaches I am not sure I could add any real value to Polly who does an excellent job guiding and pacing Serendipity through the coaching process to ensure she finds her Creamery. I found it interesting at the end regarding the feelings and rapport built during the coaching programme and maybe it would be better if all coaches just flew off rather than have a wrap up session and get feedback forms etc.

What did I learn from the book?

Values so many people do not consider or know what their values are. A value is something that is personal to you, that reflects who you are and what is important to you. Honouring the values in your life is an important step to finding happiness. The two scenarios looking back at your life as an old cat and as somebody else talking about Serendipity at her funeral, were really powerful ways of bringing out so many values.

Wheel of life shows the eight main aspects of your life and where you stand at the moment which was really well explained. When Samantha does the reprints for this excellent book I would include a picture of the wheel which will add more emphasis for visual people.

NLP I will use more of my skills learnt from NLP in the future including visualisation and anchoring.

Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall – Confucius – for me this has a real resonance whether it be as a person in sport, work or life itself. So many people just carry on in life not tackling key issues until something hits them in the face. So many positive changes take place when people are forced into uncomfortable situations.


Serendipity – the happy knack of making unexpected and delightful discoveries, often whilst searching for something else.

So often in life we take for granted times when things are really going well. When things don’t go quite so well, some people desperately look for things which don’t necessarily exist through blurred vision. By talking to a life coach or reading this book your vision will become clearer.

Samantha’s late uncle Honour Judge Anthony Babington I am sure will be looking down on this book and his niece with pride.

To understand Life Coaching read this book at only £9.99 or if you want to experience life coaching contact Neil Williams,


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