Do you have a dream?

Lawrence K Mathea was our guide and driver for our safari in Kenya. Lawrence wants to set up his own company and although he has 22 years knowledge, skills and is qualified as a guide in Kenya he does not have the financial capacity to get his project off the ground. There is no bank he can go to in Kenya so he is looking for an investor of some description. Who however would invest in such a risky venture with little chance of real return?

Hopefully our two coaching sessions bouncing along broken roads wil have created an environment where Lawrence can come up with different alternatives such as using his son in America to come up with a cheaper alternative web designer from those in Kenya where web design is in its infancy and therefore are very expensive? If you have any ideas or want to get involved in anyway Lawrnce can be contacted at Lawrence is a very principled and honourable man with a big heart. These are some of the questions that I asked of Lawrence which may also be applicable to you and your business.

I suggested that Lawrence looked at one question a day and at the end of the day write down his thoughts in detail

  1. What is your dream?
  2. What will your dream look like in 5 years time?
  3. How will your dream make you feel like in 10 years time?
  4. Will you be the business or will you be working on the business?
  5. How will your business be different from your competitors?
  6. What will be  the main components which will make your business different and how can you bring this out in your marketing strategy?
  7. How will you finance your website and can you get this done out of your country where consultants are unsophisticated and expensive?
  8. How can you get your existing contacts to help you finance your plans?
  9. Do you need a partner to realise your dreams, somebody on the ground you can work with?

So many of these questions are applicable to either starting a business or surviving as a business, whether you are in the UK or Kenya. The main difference is it is a bit easier over here!

If you want to spend a little time considering questions like this and where you want to get to contact




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