Walk the talk

There is a danger of becoming a couch potato and no, I couldn’t do without Sky! Many play golf and I must admit I have misgivings not being able to play with Anton, my son, but I don’t want to start playing a sport badly with little prospect of dramatic improvement and then get frustrated.

So what did the Cumbria Way do for me? Every day was different in terms of terrain, weather (3 seasons in a day) and experience. The camaraderie of 9 people walking together was brilliant with everybody looking out for each other. I have never really been religious and I have never really understood the word spiritual but being out in the countryside seeing the amazing sights of lakes, mountains, waterfalls, thousands of lambs of all varieties and the extreme sound of silence is something I have not really experienced before.

The challenge of walking nearly 60 miles in 5 days with extreme inclines and conditions underfoot which varied enormously was highly satisfying. Falling into a stream without injury was one of my luckier experiences. I can’t say the Cumbria Way was a life changing experience although it did give a sense of purpose and I am going to continue trying different things and continue enjoying life.

So whatever your age, you only have one life – so live it.

I was going to look for a local ramblers club of older like-minded people, but have decided to set up my own.

What are you going to do?

I am also offering a coaching session called ‘Walk the Talk’. This entails walking for up to two hours in and around Tunbridge Wells, in the fresh open air, in a relaxed environment. This service will only cost £100 per session as it will be something I want to do to keep fit and I also think it will bring about real results. Contact me if you want to take the first steps in a new direction.

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