What tools do I use?


A behaviour mapping tool based on the latest discoveries of neuroscience.

It enables people to identify the way they and others behave and to manage or adapts their behaviour to achieve desired outcomes.

It doesn’t label individuals by telling them what they are; it demonstrates WHY they tend to behave in a number of predictable ways in a variety of situations.

PRISM for coaching and development:

  • recognises potential not being used
  • identifies areas of stretch and stress
  • compares profiles of promotion positions
  • identifies areas for development
  • establishes performance against competence
  • uses the best methods of communication
  • prevents conflict situations arising
  • creates appropriate development action plans

I use it for:

  • improving sales performance and customer awareness
  • recruitment
  • performance management
  • building high performance teams

It provides an accurate picture of the behaviour an individual will tend to display in response to situations and to other people.

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