How you can make redundancy an opportunity

When I started my career, as long as you were qualified and “kept your nose clean”, effectively you had a job for life.

How times have changed. Company margins are under increasing pressure and many people are made redundant, some on more than one occasion.

How do people feel when they are made redundant? Is there any difference when the individual opts for redundancy as against being made redundant?

For those that are made redundant it often means a cycle of grief including shock, denial, anger and guilt, despair and depression and finally acceptance.

Everybody reacts differently and as soon as the person looks forward and not back, the more likelihood of success. Even where individuals opt for redundancy it can create doubts and worry. Often people find it easier to jump into the next job rather than assessing and planning for what they would really like to do.

With redundancy, people normally have a little time to think, but too often look for a similar job to what they have had already.

Now is the time to take stock and be honest with yourself.

  • What parts of your previous job did you enjoy?
  • Would you prefer to do something else?
  • What skills have you acquired and how could you use them in other industries or roles?

These are all questions that people should ask of themselves but very rarely do. This is an ideal time to speak to a coach to assess what possibilities really lie ahead.

Coaching helps you through the process. It helps you identify what is important to you. What suits your personality, lifestyle, family as well as your financial requirements.

Many of us could be made redundant at any time. It’s how you recover that matters.

Positive thinking and setting goals are essential. The accountability and responsibility are yours alone but there is no harm in getting impartial, confidential support during this time, rather than struggle through on your own.

Redundancy can be the biggest opportunity facing you rather than the most miserable time of your life

If it happens to you, will you make it an opportunity?

If you want a career plan or want to re-assess where you are now, contact me:
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