A Job for life? Not anymore

How are you planning for 2011 and beyond?

Unfortunately, we are no longer in a world where we have a contract of employment for life. For some this will be regarded as an opportunity to try something new or have a change. For others, the prospect of a major change in employment every five years being the norm will be a daunting proposition.

This means we need to get qualified, update our skills and regularly assess where we are best placed to move forward. We need to be doing the training courses we want to do as well as those required by our employer.

Being qualified and having a rich CV is important to retain employment at a similar level never mind a promotion.

This is where I come in.

As a career coach and mentor for the past five years, I am able to be that support, that guiding arm to encourage, enable and ensure that a career change, be it forced or of your own making, is a positive step change.

Why get in touch?

Whether your goals are getting a job, career progression, life balance, improving your performance, understanding yourself better, presenting yourself better, being more confident or planning your retirement- giving yourself space in a confidential environment can make an amazing difference for your future.

We are going to be working longer and what might suit you in your thirties is unlikely to do so in your sixties. Each individual needs to have their own plan ready for contingencies. We owe it to ourselves.

Do you have your own career plan?

It is often redundancy which forces individuals to think differently and with the right guidance often gives people the opportunity of realising dreams and future jobs they may never have considered before. Taking stock of where we are, where we want to be on a regular basis is both healthy and a positive outlook on life.

How many people are in jobs they hate or dislike?

The answer is a great number. As my wife says regularly, we only get one chance at life we may as well do things we enjoy! Think about it – we go the gym to look after our bodies, we eat healthy foods, so why shouldn’t we spend time on our careers – if you thought how much time we spend working as a percentage of our life it would be a scary picture.

As we are all well aware times are hard and may get worse. You may be reading this thinking “I’m alright, it won’t happen to me” – it may (it happened to me twice!) and wouldn’t it be better to be prepared and ready to look for that next opportunity rather than be shell shocked and not know which way to look first (a frightening thought).

Spending time with me will help you to attain the right attitude, perseverance and open thinking that employers will be looking for in new employees.

Nobody said it was going to be easy!!

Nick was typical of many of us looking to make changes but needing support in order to do so:

One of the challenges I faced was framing where I wanted to go next and having the confidence to make that step. Neil is particularly skilled in providing the balance between support and challenge – something that I found of great value. Neil continued to support me in the same way once I’d made that move – because at the end of the day it is up to you to make that next step, evaluate if it’s right and if not make a correction.
The learning point is not to just keep your head down, that’s how you end up in a rut – you need to continually look up evaluate and put actions in place.

If you want a career plan or want to re-assess where you are now, contact me:
Neil Williams
Coach, Mentor and Supervisor of Coaches
NVW Solutions
Telephone: 01892 521871
Mobile: 07970 225058
Email: neil@nvwsolutions.co.uk
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